About Terry the Screenwriter

Terry Menefee Gau not only writes blogs, sermons, essays, and the occasional poem – she also writes screenplays.  As a proud member of the Virginia Screenwriters Forum, she continues to hone her storytelling skills for the screen.

Currently Terry has two scripts circulating the competition circuit:

Pines of Rome 

A world-famous conductor finds himself exiled to a small town, where he butts heads with the female conductor of a local volunteer symphony. He gains humility, perspective, and friendship as he re-discovers his passion for music and rights a wrong from his past.

Read Pines of Rome© 2016, here:  Pines_of_Rome-withName-2-22-18-WM

Awards for Pines of Rome

Virginia Screenwriters Competition Finalist, 2016 & 2017


Always Something There to Remind Me

Maggie’s life is thrown into chaos when the man she would have married miraculously falls into her life again, bringing an opportunity for forgiveness, redemption, and maybe second chance at love.

Read Always Something there to Remind Me© 2017, here:  Always Something_withName_ 2-23-18_WM