A Dangerous Place

 “The wilderness is a dangerous place. You only go there if you have to.” Those two key phrases are from the Godly Play Sunday School curriculum for young children. They are repeated throughout lessons about wilderness in our scripture – … Continue reading

Body of Christ

In the musical, Les Miserables, Fantine sings “I Dreamed a Dream.”  The song is the story of how her life went astray, how her path became so muddled that she lost her way.  Listen to a few of the lyrics: … Continue reading

“Vanishing into the Thin Unpopulated Air”

(WARNING:  This is an uncensored rant against God.  If you find such things as doubt, anger, and questioning toward God offensive, read no further.  If not, then read on.)   Have you ever felt like God was Jerry Maguire and … Continue reading