In through the Back Door

Gates open and the procession begins. Thousands line the street, throwing flowers and laurels, waving madly, reaching to touch power as it passes them. Security guards watch the crowd for dissidents, agitators, and zealots, intent on doing harm. The man … Continue reading

Birthing Peace

Two days ago, in Paris, eight terrorists armed themselves with rifles, and went to nightclubs, restaurants, a concert, and a soccer game, where they shot dozens of innocent people at random. They then triggered explosives strapped to their bodies, blowing … Continue reading

Violet Dreams

Last night, at the stroke of twelve, we let go of 2014. For some this “letting go” held regret, for others celebration. I’m not sure where I was on the spectrum between the wistful romanticism of another year gone and … Continue reading

Love Trumps Doctrine

For my brothers and sisters in Baptist churches kicking out Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts from their oh-so-very-holy spaces, I have one word for you:  HOSPITALITY. Hospitality isn’t just a church committee serving sandwiches and cookies after worship.  It is … Continue reading