In through the Back Door

(Sermon preached on Palm Sunday at the Hermitage, scripture:  Luke 19:28-40 & Psalms 118) Gates open and the procession begins. Thousands line the street, throwing flowers and laurels, waving madly, reaching to touch power as it passes them. Security guards watch the … Continue reading

Birthing Peace

Lectionary scripture passages:  I Samuel 1:4-20 and Mark 13:1-8 Two days ago, in Paris, eight terrorists armed themselves with rifles, and went to nightclubs, restaurants, a concert, and a soccer game, where they shot dozens of innocent people at random. … Continue reading

Violet Dreams

Last night, at the stroke of twelve, we let go of 2014. For some this “letting go” held regret, for others celebration. I’m not sure where I was on the spectrum between the wistful romanticism of another year gone and … Continue reading

Love Trumps Doctrine

For my brothers and sisters in Baptist churches kicking out Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts from their oh-so-very-holy spaces, I have one word for you:  HOSPITALITY. Hospitality isn’t just a church committee serving sandwiches and cookies after worship.  It is … Continue reading